Print Images

Like digital images, print images should follow specific Club and/or Competition Guidelines. Failure to do so may result in your prints being disqualified.

Note that Club guidelines are NOT always the same as competition guidelines.

Prints for Club Events

  1. For 'Club' events other than competitions, the standard size is 16” x 20” but any size image 16 inches in one direction and unrestricted width (or height) can be submitted. So panoramas like 16x30 inches or 16x34 inches are allowed. Images smaller than 11x14 inches do not display as well but those as small as 8x10 inches are accepted to encourage participation and learning.
  2. Images should be mounted on a single board that is no larger than 16 inches in one direction.
  3. A front frame is not required but recommended. If using a front frame, a backing board should be used as images mounted in front frames without backing boards are more easily be damaged.

Prints for Competitions

  1. Images must always follow the competition guidelines. Often these guidelines follow those of CAPA. DPC generally enters CAPA print competitions as well as print competition hosted by regional photography clubs, each with its own set of guidelines.
  2. For participation in CAPA events the following club guidelines apply:
  3. Images are mounted on a single 4 Ply backing board; do not use foam core boards.
  4. The mount (backing, image and mat, if used) is 16”x20”.
  5. Black or white mats are preferred when a mat is used but check specific competition rules!.
  6. Frames are not allowed but may be part of the image or print itself, such as a virtual mat.

The following generally will result in poor scores

  1. Images that are smaller than 11x14; they do not display well for judging.
  2. Images with a coloured mat. Mat colour is a personal preference but most photographers use mat colour incorrectly and rarely is an image improved by using a coloured mat. Most images look best in white mats and DPC’s traditional use of white mats in CAPA competition has proven to be very successful. Check the DPC website for more information and review the CAPA Competition Guidelines

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